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  • What is an EISP/EIPP?


    An EISP/EIPP is an offering made by the company, giving you the opportunity to volunteer to leave the service of the company. You should understand that your volunteering does not guarantee that you will be selected for the EISP offer. The employees with the most seniority will be selected first until the determined amount of surplus has been satisfied.


    EISP/EIPP payment and additional benefits

    •  $2,200 for each completed year of NCS, with a maximum of 30 yrs 

    Example: 30 yrs of service (30 x $2,200 = $66,000)

    •  $10,000 voluntary termination bonus

    •  $3,750 maximum expense allowance reimbursement

    Source: Pension Plan for Mid-Atlantic Associates (01/2001)


    What is “Super” about the 2013 EISP/EIPP?

    One Time Supplemental Termination Bonus

    ($40,000 added to the $10,000 you received when you accept an EISP/EIPP offer) $50,000 total

    Raising of Cap On EISP/EIPP Payment

    (30 years of service to 40 years of service)

    Interest Rate Protection for Pension Lump Sum

    (Better of the rates for date off payroll or December 2013)

    15 days to elect EISP/EIPP

    (One or more off payroll dates selected by the Company)

    Waiver of Age-Based Pension Reductions for Early Commencement

    (This means employees under the age of 55 and with less than 30 years of service do not have an age reduction)


  • What is Pension Eligibility?

     Eligibility is determine by your age and NCS date (Net Credit Service Date)


    Your Age                      Net Credit Service

    Any Age                        30 years or more
    At least age 50            25 years or more
    At least age 55            20 years or more
    Al least age 60            15 years or more
    Age 65 or older          10 years or more

    Source: Pension Plan for Mid-Atlantic Associates (01/2001)


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2013 GATT Rates

September 3.79
August 3.76
July 3.61
June 3.40
May 3.11
April 2.93
March 3.16
February 3.17
January 3.08

 The 4th Quarter 2013 GATT Rate for Mid-Atlantic Associates is 3.76%

Pension Estimate From 2010

385460GATT Rate 4.62%

DOB:   01/01/1956

NCS Date:   06/04/1984

Pension Band:  121

Retirement Date:  07/02/2010

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Pension Estimate From 2013


GATT Rate 3.76%

DOB:   01/01/1956

NCS Date:   06/04/1984

Pension Band:  121

Retirement Date:  07/02/2013

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Gatt Oct


Rates jumped up last quarter.

Remember the lower the rate the higher the lump sums tend to be!

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Note: The numbers provided are estimates generated from the information provided by the client.  They should be used to provide a general overview of what your retirement options  are.   FlagStone Retirement Consultants is not affiliated with Verizon , the IBEW, or the CWA.  We are an independent company that transitions employees into retirement, your true numbers can only be determined from Benefits Conection .

Will the Lump Sum go Away at the Phone Company?


How well funded is Verizon’s Pension Plan?

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Income Distribution

As Income Distribution Specialist’s it is our job to meet with each client and create a individual plan that address income needs along with long term planning needs once a person transitions into retirement. FlagStone Retirement Consultants goal is to find investments that meet your current and future distribution needs.

Retirement Transtion

As Retirement Transition Specialist’s, that means we know how to walk you through the process of being an active employee with your company to a retired employee.  You will only get one chance to retire and if you make any mistakes in filling the paperwork it can have great consequences and  that will affect your bottom line monthly income.  Before you decide to leave payroll contact our office and have one of our specialist take you through the process.

Take Action Now!

If you are within five years from retirement, you need to contact us to schedule a pre-retirement consultation.  You will learn what income you may expect in retirement and what things you can do now to be better prepared for retirement.  You have worked your entire career to  accumulate your retirement assets, You owe it to yourself to work with a specialist on the distribution of these assets.

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Retirement Transition Specialist
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Working with FlagStone Retirement Consultants is different. It is the beginning of a special process that hundreds of current and former Phone Company employees have experienced on their way to making one of the biggest decisions of their lives. We always cover the full cost for helping you create your retirement income plan. If you decide to take EISP/ EIPP and separate from service, our friendly retirement transition specialists will also handle all of the paperwork and follow up with the company to make sure that your separation experience goes as smoothly as possible. We will even double check the company’s numbers to help you try to make sure they and Benefits Connection have gotten it right.
We think this is a better way to invest in building a relationship with you than paying for expensive radio and newspaper advertizing. It’s a great way for you to learn where you stand and also to see if we would be a good fit for working together going forward. You would only start to pay us once you choose to have our team become your trusted resource to manage your retirement income and become your primary resource for life time financial guidance.

We’ve done this a lot
It’s not about investments, it’s about your future
We’ll make sure the retirement experience is a positive one

If you call our main office at 866.892.2081 we will find the best available time for us to speak about your options.

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